[P] Minotaur Update v0.0.5 / [R] v0.0.4

Hey Hey! Update time!

Spoiler for update log:

Get Early Acess HERE ----> https://www.patreon.com/OutlandWanderer

FIRST OF ALL! Thank you so much @lonelytree for helping with the script for this update (22k new words this update!)

[As of v0.0.4c you'll have to make a new save to access the game, hopefully this is the last time :c]

New Dungeon!

- Minotaur Cave: As a test for the adventurer's ability, solve different kinds of puzzles to unleash the power of the minotaur.

4 New Quests:

- The Minotaur Riddle: Ask Haskell about his new client, and travel into the minotaur's cave

- Dress Up: Ask Rahim about his design for your new outfit, and ask around Lusterfield for their opinions

- Sick Leave: Ole has gotten sick and requires some special care .

- Logger and Scout: Lothar has given you extra training from Amble and Jog. Go on a short adventure with each of them and get surprised.

3 New CGs:

- Minotaur Win: Win against the minotaur to complete Haskell's request

- Minotaur Lose: Lose against the minotaur and...

- Bedroom Exhibitionist: Masturbate at night and get the thrill from being seen outside the window...

New Character:

Jog, The Slippery Scout: Meet and Talk with him and Amble in Lusterfield.

Other Stuff:

- New Skill: Alluring Lust

- Updated Sebas/Player Sprite (from v0.0.4c)

- Updated Battle UI (from v0.0.4c)

- 4 New locations

- And many many other stuff!

[For both v0.0.4/5 you'd need a new save, this is the last time I revamp the inventory system :c so sorry about this~]

v0.0.4 is publicly released now :3



outland-wanderer-android.apk 283 MB
Version 0.0.5 Sep 05, 2022
outland-wanderer-win-linux.zip 301 MB
Version 0.0.5 Sep 05, 2022
outland-wanderer-osx.zip 265 MB
Version 0.0.5 Sep 05, 2022

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Umm how do you solve all puzzles in the minotaur cave?

Sorry im just not good with puzzles •́ ‿ ,•̀


How to move crubling statue? i am always 2 steps short to the target

i also need to know

i found out that more AGI give you more moves (i am not sure if it was AGI or other stat)

i know this was a while ago but i figured out that you can walk while the prompt to start the challenge is up and you can walk without the steps counting

i dont get how you can get the ole quest to trigger, ive asked ole several time about his habbit of cleaning but i just dont see how i trigger it, help anyone?

you'll trigger it when you wake up one morning :3 (Of course you'll have to finish previous quests first)

(1 edit)

When you ask about his habit of cleaning to Ole at the bar, you just teleport to the shop. Same as Lothar too.

Sorry for the problem! I'll fix it in the next patch!


hi! I'm facing a problem with putting other armors on... Can anyone help me?


Minotaurs 👀💦

minotaur is good!!