[P] Sparring Update v0.0.4 / [R] v0.0.3

Another Update:

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Spoiler Below:

New Quest:

- Advanced Battle Training - Talk to Lothar some time after the quest to river 

New Location:

- Goat Tribe: Can talk to Furkan/Kari 

New CGs:

- Grope Lothar... CG script done by Nyar~

- Mimic Lose Scene - in the dungeon

New Character Sprite:

- Amble

Other stuff:

- New Start Screen Art

- Fixed Dungeon Problem (Gonna need to revisit dungeon though)

Also... v0.0.3 for public release~



Outland-Wanderer-0.0.3-pc.zip 457 MB
Aug 02, 2022
Outland-Wanderer-0.0.3-mac.zip 423 MB
Aug 02, 2022
Outland-Wanderer-0.0.3-android.apk 445 MB
Aug 02, 2022

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How do you  complete Advanced Battle Training? I beat  the upgraded dummy but didn't get an option to complete the quest. Also, is there anyway to get patches besides fighting the dummy? The  upgraded one is very difficult, so I can't get patches for crafting without a lot  of trouble.

You should try to sleep a day and then talk to Lothar and see if you can complete the quest. Regarding the patch, there's no other solution for now. You can try to level farm with bugbear.

Thank you


Hello! I have some questions for you, I finished the mission of the potions for Ole, here ends the update?. 

I also wanted to ask you if you have plans to add the Spanish language in the future?.

 I'm loving the game, it has great potential, I really liked your art, I'm looking forward to the next update published! Keep it up, I'm sure that in some near future the VN will have the recognition it deserves, I wish you luck.

greetings from Argentina

 Wolfgamer XD says goodbye! 

 postscript: There is a bug in the caves in android, I can not move.

Ahhhhh thank you so much!! 
The cave mission should be the latest update~

Any languages can be added if there's a translator available~ 

Thank you so much for supporting! It's really good to hear~

Also, for the bug, I lost the v0.0.3 file so I can't fix it for now... you can load back old save to revisit the dungeon~

The bug is fixed on v0.0.4~

hey... I was thinking, would you like it if I give you a hand with the translation of the game into Spanish? I would send you the translation by mail or something like that, only if you accept

are you sure? The translation can take a lot of times. If you do, you can join the discord server and we can talk about it...

yes, I'm sure, sure how do I join the discord group?



던전어떻게 깨는건가요