[P] Gnoll Update v0.0.19 / [R] v0.0.18

Quick Little Update! Let's go~

Update Log:

New Battles:

- Bandit: The ferocious gang might demand some gold out of you as you crosses the plains.

- Gnoll: A Group of Wild Hyenas, they are much more feral'cious and cracked, they might demand much more from you.

New CGs:

- Losing To Gnoll: The crazed victor takes his place on top, and takes also your manhood inside.

- Topping the Gnoll: Choose to top him, and the defeated might be more satisfied than the winner.

New Event:

- As Rahim and Sebas discuss the future of the village, an uninvited visitor knocks on the door.

Updated CGs:

- Losing to Mimic: Now you might feel the tongue of the mimic in full glory.

- Losing to Werewolf: A wolf's manhood is heavier with his knot inside.

QoL Changes and Bug Fixes:

- You can now cloud sync your saves! (The file size is limited to 10mb so you can only store around 4-5 pages of saves.)

- Updated UI interface of Craft Screen and Cauldron Screen

- Added a minor hint to help identify correct guesses in Whispering Hollow

- Added Fixes for empty quest progress in the bedroom

- Reduced Game File Size by updating png to webp files. 


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It'd really help me pump out more updates so I do appreciate every bit of support! <3


(25 July, 2023)


  • Fixed Surrendering in the new Battles
  • Fixed Mimic scene display errors
  • Pirkka's Quest is no longer triggered even after finishing his quest

(26 July, 2023)


  • Readded a few missing images
  • Gnoll Top Scene now properly displays
  • Re-fixed Tavern Apron Quest problem


  • Tasks progress can now be cleared in the debugging bedroom
  • No longer stuck in Slumbrous Well after Wuldon's gone
  • Fixed Missing Potion Level


  • Fixed Missing Pirkka in the Tavern
  • Fixed Gnoll Winning Variable for Gnoll Win Scene

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