[P] Vote Update v0.0.20 / [R] v0.0.19

Woah, 20th update of Outland Wanderer!

So sorry for a late late update, I've had quite a hard time as there is an amount of personal issues that I considered... crucial in my life.  And unfortunately I've got the flu (probably covid) in the middle of the month. August's not been easy on me and the people I loved so I took a small time off. (Also we have school😭

However,  the game mustn't stop! So here lies a pretty big quest, after so many patches of build-up, finally it's here! I'll have to split it into 2 parts though, since it's actually 5-6 quests disguised in a huge event. 

Also be aware that your choices finally (somewhat) matter now :3c

Update Log:

3 New Quests:

- Reconciliation: After a deep talk, Rahim finally decides to hold a vote day to determine if Lusterfield will ally up with the goat tribe.

- The Missing Link: To persuade Amble to support an alliance between the Goat Tribe and Lusterfield, you decide to help him rebuild their bridge, literally.

- Strings Attached: To persuade Ole to support an alliance between the Goat Tribe and Lusterfield, you decide to get into the business between him and Gwyddyon's shop.

There are 2/3 quests and the aftermaths remaining for this event, so please stick around for the next/next next update!

(I might start with the snow region first so perhaps I'll finish this quest after that)

New Bad End:

- Captured by werewolves: disobeying the werewolf leader, Uffe has trapped you inside the cave full of werewolves, who are more than welcomed to use your holes, until the end of time.

New Armor Set:

- Songweaver Bard: Found around the plains, this charismatic armor will surely allure your enemy with insatiable lust.

New Location:

- Riverside Crossing: An abandoned Bridge between the Goat Tribe and Lusterfield. There resides a lost spirit who wanders along the river.

Minor New Content:

- Bandit's Hood: To walk through the bandit's place without any horny bandits watching, ask the Bandit Boss for one if you've talked to him before...

- New short dialogues and interaction within Bandit's Hideout

- The visual for Lusterfield's town center is updated with a huge tree.

- Quest Dates: Quest Start date and Completion Date is now available on the Journal!

- Weeping Willow's interaction with spells are fixed, consider it a cool trinket if you like combos!

- Some probabilities in the plains has been adjusted to accomodate the new materials.

- New ores can be mined from the Minotaur Cave, copper pickaxe can now be dropped from werewolves.

- Journal UI and font briefly updated

- Arthur's attitude is now properly displayed depending if you're naughty or not

- Lothar and Ole's affection calculation updated briefly

- Simplified Chinese Translation is updated to v0.0.5 now!

A refactor of the game engine from ren'py 7 to ren'py 8, and complete code and UI overhaul is undergoing, majorly worked by 逆戟鲸/COPTimer, it will take a while but damn every aspect of the game will be rewritten, but it will also be an improvement by a huge margin, so please be aware!

Here is a small sneak peek: 

========= Minor Updates ============

0.0.20b (08/09/2023):

  • All Gallery Scenes can now be unlocked by Roommate and Keeper Tiers on Patreon, you can access this feature in the Debugging Section
  • Lothar now remind you to talk to him if you haven't met him in the Tavern yet
  • Music for the Town's Voting Theme now properly plays
  • The werewolf bad end's images now properly displays, and you can properly return to the main menu this way
  • Purity cannot be lower than 0 now, there are also more ways to lose your purity in the previous quests
  • Camouflage/Core Strike Skill Description and various typos fixed

0.0.20c (07/10/2023):

- 0.0.20 is now public!

0.0.20d (09/10/2023):

- Fixed Pirkka's probability of showing up in the Tavern

- Fixed Werewolf Bad End's occurence.

- Removed variable errors during talks with Gwyddyon

- Amble now refers to the werewolves instead of Gwyd for the pickaxe.

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How do i download the new version (0.0.21)?

Uhm, how do i start the voting? Its already Sunday (game time) and i was gonna ask about everyones opinion on the voting, but the voting didnt start.

it should be start 5 days after Rahim has started the quest, do check if there's such quest in your journal. The event will end by itself after 5 days.

Kind of a bit late to be asking this "^^ 

but ummm... how exactly does one acquire the Captured by Werewolves bad end? and how do you disobey Uffe in the first place? ">.> 

If you continue with Uffe's quest, you'll eventually be tasked to lure out some werewolves, just do what's not told to do :p

Wait how do I find the bandit boss long after I've defeated him?

in the bandit dungeon! nothing much to do there for now though

I'm trying to figure out how to pass through the bandit dungeon but I can't figure out how to get the Stolen harp . I'm stuck at the 1st two bandits. Do you still update the guide?

i'm not the guide maker but i think it's getting updated soon. You can walk around and kinda bruteforce the pattern after a few tries i think

I've already tried brute forcing it many times. Guess I still have more work to do.

so how about the quest i  waite wor more than 10 day but the quest still not pop up after the talk with goat leader(V20)

you should be able to talk to rahim afterwards about the talk once he shows up again 


Still can't find Pirkka in the tavern (version 0.0.19), fun game, keep up the good work!