[P] Snow Update v0.0.21 / [R] v0.0.20

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[Huge bummer non-game related personal stuff below, (trigger warning?) Very no-fun story excuse for delay down there]

[Skip the following paragraph for Updates!]

So sorry about some late updates lately, I've said that I've been handling family matters for a few months now, I was just taking care of a very important family member (my uncle) who I lived with very closely in my childhood.  Towards this month I had been there almost every day and things got real bad. Last week we stayed in the hospital for a whole day, until he passed away, and I still hadn't believed that, everything got worse so quickly. He was still quite young to have to... go though everything for the past 2 years, he shared a lot of the best moments in my life, and it pained me to have seen him in great pain, even til the last day. So, sorry for the incoherent thoughts, I just wanted to write everything as I was thinking.
Anyway, it was too much of a bummer, it's gonna be okay though, but I just wanted to give some updates about why the schedule have been a little bit inconsistent these months. I really hope to push out more updates in the future. <3

=============== Personal Stuff Ends=============

[Reminder: Check if you're in a dungeon in the latest saves, leave and save in another places before downloading new version so you won't get image showing errors.]

So, sorry about this update, it's a little bit small. But we're introducing a new tribe this update tho, the bears are coming!

Buzz buzz buzz (also, hopefully we get back to the werewolves next update so look forward to that too)

Update Log:

New Characters:

- Daggi, the young commander: A white bear who's the new leader of the bear guards, doubted by his own mates, he's looking to trace down the culprit of the recent incident.

- Kauhu, the bear chieftain: The chief who's just escaped death as someone tries to assassinate him, a secluded leader who's determined to keep his closed ones safe.

(More characters to come in the future)

New Locations:

- Otsovaara: The bear tribe,  it is abundant of many natural resources, and often utilizes structures to extract and survive through the eternal winter. The bears are known to be secluded from the south, and rarely accepts visitors.

- other places including Ursinia Glade and Frosted Taiga are also introduced.

New Events:

- Bears Introduction: Walking in the forest, you're suddenly involved into a chase scene with strangers you've never met before.

- Bandit's Toll: To enter the northern regions, you need to pay the bandit money, or fight him.

New Bad End:

- Bound by Bandits: After getting caught too many times, the bandits have decided to keep you in their dungeons for good.

QoL Changes and Other Updates:

- All images are re-exported from webp/jpg/png to avif. Please check if you have saved inside a dungeon, as the images won't be properly shown.

- Because of the avif changes, the game size is now down to about 300mb

- You can now get Leather Armor from Rahim after completing the tutorial quest and played for a few days in game. It's supposed to be triggered early game.

- More Lothar/Cane's greetings added, they'll now have a chance to refer to old events when you greet them. (Will update the other characters too)

- Quest 'Logger and Scout' no longer requires completion of the Goat Tribe Quest 'Guardian'.

- Adjusted/weakened majority of the early game monster's stat.

- Added Night variants of multiple locations near the farm.

=========== Minor Bug Fixes ==============

0.0.21b (08/10/2023):

  • Fixed recursive image errors in Gallery, Dungeons and Certain Enemy Battles
  • Fixed sayer error during Amble's River Quest

0.0.21c (09/10/2023):

  • Fixed Pirkka's probability of showing up in the Tavern
  • Fixed Werewolf Bad End's occurence.
  • Removed variable errors during talks with Gwyddyon
  • Amble now refers to the werewolves instead of Gwyd for the pickaxe.
  • Long Scarf and Barley now properly shows
  • Cavern Ores now properly shows
  • Gallery Passcode is now changed to the new one.

0.0.21d (10/10/2023):

  • Removed Bloody Moss Golem Scene
  • Removed Portuguese Translation's empty text boxes
  • Added Whispering Hollow Riddle Hints from the inquiring werewolf


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Version 0.0.19e Sep 11, 2023
Outland Wanderer for Android 627 MB
Version 0.0.19e Sep 11, 2023

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so where can i get to meet the bear is it at the greenforest or somewhere else?

they should be near the bandits' place :3


Is there a guide for the bandits hideout ? I keep getting myself caught 

oh and I'm so sorry for your loss, you really get better :(

No worries! <3


please update Fanmade Guide

Sorry to hear about your loss, I do hope things get brighter for you in the future

Indeed, this is probably the one of the lowest I can forsee I'll get haha, but I'll keep on making more stuff in the game now that I have some more time on my hand :p

Oh, no! I am so so SO sorry for your loss. He sounds like an amazing guy. May he Rest in Happiness. <3

Thank you Thank you! He really was, kind of a MVP for my childhood. I'd love to remember him that way :3


I am so very sorry to hear about your uncles passing i hope that you and your family will be alright and may your uncle rest in peace hun and you and your family stay string sending you al the best and loving pawsitvie vibes take care of yourselves <3

thank you thank you! <3 Everything'll get back on track soon enough!


I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle's passing, please take enough time to take care of yourself as well as your family, reality will always come first <3 


Ey! Thank you <3 Yeye I might as well be working on the game when I wanna not think about anything :p so it kinda works out!