[P] Dungeon Update v0.0.3

This is the first Early Access Update!! So there's no Public Update at the moment.

To get Early Access, become a $3 patron now~

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OutlandWanderer

Update Content: [Spoiler!]

New Dungeon:

- Damp Cave: near Sparkling Lagoon

(About Dungeon Mechanics:

Use WASD/Arrow keys to move

And Spacebar to interact with stuff

Also you can use on screen buttons~)

New Enemies:

- Dungeon Mimic

- Stone Ward

- (Goat Guards) for one quest

- (Goat General)

New Character:

- Kari: The Sorcerer General

New Quests:

- Suspicious Activity: Help Lothar by getting close to the Goat Tribe (Not Finished)

- Guardian: Help Kari with the problem of the Chief of the Goat Tribe

New Location:

- Goat Tribe:  Tribe of Furkan and Kari

New CG:

- Buggbear Lose Scene: Lose to a buggbear~

(Script thanks to Nyar~)


- Reworked Rahim's Sprite

- Reworked Enemy Stats

- 3 New Background Music by Pinewood Jerry <3

Patch v0.0.3c:

- Bug Fixed

- Added French/Portuguese Translation 

- Not required to restart new game in dungeon anymore

This Patch will be available public in August~

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Deleted 1 year ago

Ahhh you're right~ I'm planning to add some guide on the map so you can see ingredients there~

Damn, you are working really fast. Don't forget to take a few breaks in-between all the work :D


haha thank you!! I'm really enjoying working right now so it's all good for me :3

Another amazing update :D


ayyy thanks <3


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