[P] Bard Update v0.0.16 / [R] v0.0.15

Hey there~ long time no see! Here's a new update~

Update Log:

New Quests:

- Wisest of the Pack: After eliminating a long-standing threat, Uffe plans expand territories in the dark forest.

- Prose and Cons: A stranger in the plains lost his Lute to a group of bandits, and asks you to retrieve his favourite prose for him.

New Task:

- Miner Amendment: Gwyddyon has asked you to get minerals from the cave, to further his crystal discoveries.

New Dungeons:

- Whispering Hollow: The unclaimed area between the werewolves and the slime's territories, filled with shrubs and riddles.

- Bandit's Hideout: Where the bandits lies, avoid their gaze or become the next captive of the outlaws.

New CGs:

- Captured by Bandits: It seems infiltrating the bandits is not a good idea, after you are caught by the groups of beefy bandits. 

New Character:

- Pirkka, the Wandering Bard: The Minstrel has a punny way with his words, Pirkka roams around the plains, and sings his favourite story.

Other Additions:

- Improved Dialogues mainly towards opening and the Quest "Guardian" and "Suspicious Activity".

- Quest/Task Progress and Hint can now be found in the Journal.

- Inventory can now be sorted by Name, Value, and Type.

- Added Storage Chest in the bedroom.

QoL Changes and Bug Fixes: 

- Updated Game Icon, Added Android Game Icon to the Game

- Altered the Lore behind MC's story and Goat Tribe

- Fixed Crash when returning from Map in Haskell's Hut

- Revamped Shop Code to fix game freeze when buying/selling 2 non-material items

- Player's STR effect on damage lowered; damage increased by each level raised.

- Probability to encounter Traps will now be reduced by a higher amount of Agility.

- Player's Dungeons Sprite will now properly animate when moved.

- All abilities now have cooldowns, ability descriptions updated.

- Adjusted Strength's effect in Tavern Disk Minigame. (v0.0.15c).

- Fixed Arthur's name in the Amble's Stunning Scene

Note: Simplified Chinese Translation is updated up to v0.0.3

Minor Updates/Bug Fixes:

- (v0.0.16b: fixed quest_progress(hopefully), fixed jtem error, fixed add_item and shop item assignment error, added bandit gangbang to gallery

- (0.0.16c: fixed some labels deleted out of nowhere, fixed Uffe's quest requirement

- (0.0.16d: fixed most progress bug, recovered the ole_ointment quest bug, (this will break any ongoing quest of the newest 2 quest, please load a v0.0.15 or earlier saves to continue! Sorry again~

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can someone help me with the whispering hollow riddles


Can someone help with the statue riddle? i am trying and trying when and still cant make it and now is new update up :(

The Screenshot of the new Bard has a grammatical mistake in it:
Either it should say "You know why the bandit went for the wandering bard? [...]"
"Why did the bandit go for the wandering bard? - Wanna know why? [...]"
Because when you use "do go" only the auxiliary verb (do) is changed in its time-form, not the main verb!

You're welcome ^_^

(1 edit) (+1)

haha~ well, it was a screenshot when I was creating the bard, (got too lazy to screencap another pic so the dialogue is not in the game. Thank you so much for letting me know though, I'm glad I changed the pun a little in the game :p

Well, it can serve for any English-Learners as a learning experience then <3 Love your Game still, despite a few small mistakes like that in the Text. It doesn't really bother me either. But I don't know how much of a "perfectionist" you are with your story-telling, so I just pointed it out because it's there.

Btw., you have or need any proof-readers? ^_^ I mean, I can't really donate money, but I have quite a bit of my (Life-)time left on my hands these days "thanks" to a couple chronicle illnesses...yet, my wits are still quite intact. ;-)


hello hello~ thank you so much haha, I really want to improve upon the script so a proofreading would be a great help! if you're able to help, please don't hesitate to head to the discord server~ we can talk more there!