[P] Wanderer Update v0.0.10/ [R] v0.0.9

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Lotta secrets to be found this update (kinda)
Spoiler Spoiler Update Log:

New Quests:

- Stirring Roots: Lothar has been informed that the Lusterfolks have been feeling weird after encountering certain plant in the forest...

- Gift of the Wanderer: After telling Haskell about your life before stumbling on this strange world, he discovers an unusual power that you can utilise...

New CGs:

- Lothar under Aphrodisiac: After battling a weird plant, the hero and his disciple begins to feel a weird sensation seeping through their mind...

- Cane's Favour: Cane elaborates on what he means with the curious server... (2 Unique Images)

New Tasks:

- The Tailor's Yarn (Part 1): Rahim needs some clothing made from you, as a reward you may stay in his house for his personal story.

New Trinket System:

Trinket of the Wild: Looking and finding secrets around the map will grant you a Trinket that affects your gameplay!

        - Lindbloom: Increases your luck in Battle Loot, but decreases your luck during battle.

         - Weeping Willow: Heals you whenever an enemy takes damage, but lowers the effectiveness of your defense.

         - Devil's Snare: Your normal attack now deals additional damage scaled with your flirt, but your maximum lust decreases by 15.

And Others:

- 2 New Musics: Music for battle and the dark forests is added to the game. All Credit to Will o Wisp again!

- The Knight Set: The iron armors can be found and equipped now.

- New Weapon Type: 2 cool Bows along with several other new weapons

- Sebas' Shop Update: More of shop item is available after completing certain quests

- Cane's Sprite Update: Redrew Cane's Sprite!

Bug Fixes and QoLs:

- Quest Progress Temporarily removed as the bugs seem to not be fixing itself.

- Walking in Dungeon now takes a minute (in game).

- Fixed Problem regarding the Carrot Cooldown Interaction

- Fixed Issue with empty dungeons after losing to werewolves

- Music now continues while talking with characters

Check out Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OutlandWanderer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutlandWanderer

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how can i get canne favour event

(2 edits) (+1)

Dont know where exactly i should write this but i have major bug in v 0.0.9. When i trying to put on/take off items i getting rollback issue which prevents me from finishing "dress up" and "strength and disguise" quests.  I also have minor issue with icons overlay

Hey there~ if you're updating from v0.0.4 or earlier~ remember to use a new save!

So you want to say i should replay whole thing over?

Yep~ Sorry for the troubles! It wouldn't require new save from v0.0.4 onward.


I like old cane sprite more


Ah! I figured redrawing cane would be divisive, but after the renewal of most other older characters, I feel the urge to give him a more modern look. But yeah, I can give him a few adjustment to resemble old Cane more.


Cane used to had a dark aura of an old bartender, now hes face looks like a spoiled child


damn was it that different? maybe it's with the vibrant and bright colour I suppose? I'll try updating his sprite to see what I can do~

does anyone know if i have to wait for the day 90 in v0.10 to revisit with wuldon the blue werewolf 

you can't visit wuldon for now~ he'll be there in v0.0.11 though!

when should that be dropping on patreon

mid november~ around 18-19?

is vurro in the public update?


well~ technically yes


update: i found where he is but is there another way to get to him that doesnt require upgrading agility? and is there a way to get a pickaxe yet?

Oh~ I don't think you need agility in that segment~