[P] Cavern Update v0.0.9/ [R] v0.0.8

- Big Love to Magnolia for helping with most of the scripts!

Spoiler Spoiler Update Log:

3 New Dungeons:

- Chelforte Cavern: The Minerals cave where werewolf miners were buried in a cave-in incident. Squeeze through tight holes to reach the infamous feral werewolf.

- Cavern Entrance: The area leading to the Cavern, with a high amount of vegetation.

- Split Trails: The forest area leading to different routes. Traverse through barrels and carrots with important items in your hand, and unlock new places.

2 New Characters:

- Vurro, the feral werewolf, rumored to be cursed by an unknown source during a cave-in incident.

- Wuldon, the lone recluse, a former werewolf miner, currently residing in the Slumbrous Well.

1 New CGs:

- Feral Werewolf Lose: Lose against the werewolf (written by lonelytree!) (with Bad End variant depending on your Purity)

3 New Enemies:

- Caproot: A Huge Carrot monster that'll certainly improve your eyesight at night

- Feral Werewolf: The werewolf stuck in the cave... 

- Goat Ranger: The skilled ranger in the tribe seeks challenge...

2 New Quests: 

- Rabid Wolf: Uffe orders you to reach the Cavern, slain the Feral werewolf, and take his rings.

- Warrior in Progress: Kari asks you to spar with fellow goat soldiers who seem to prefer magic over combat.

And Other:

- Added 3 Tracks for the goat tribe and haskell's place. All credit to Will o Wisp for helping with the music.

- Added 2 new battle statuses: Silenced, Bruised

- Added Mute Button to Quick Access Menu

- Updated Lore around backstory of the Goat Tribe Conflict

- Reduced Game Size from 500mb to ~100mb

Bug Fixes/Changes:

- Reduced noticeable lag in all dungeon segments

- Fixed problem with being bound and struggling during a battle

- You can no longer push a stack of 2 pushables(statues or barrels) in a dungeon.

*Note: Chinese Translation is currently put on pause, sorry for the wait. Russian Translation will be available... soon!

Sorry for the late update, v0.0.8 for public will be available soon!

- 10/11/2022 - 0.0.9d  - Fixed Loading, Werewolf Bugs - Fixed Quest Sequence

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how can i finish dark forest quest? i give uffe the nipple rings but the quest still unfinish

yep~ it'll finish when the dark forest questline finish~ no worries

hello any one know what I might be missing to complete the into the dark forest quest I taked to uffe and to the blue werewolf gave the nipple rings to ufffe be but after doing that and completing warrior in progress what should i do.

Hey there! The Quest is a huge storyline quest and it will only be able to be completed when the werewolf questline is finished

Hi there, I love the new content! <3

Just seems, that the old saves don't work anymore since I'm getting a lotta error-screens with them. So, I'm gonna start anew and hope I can get all the choices back I too before ^_^

What influences Purity and can it be restored once it's lowered?


Hey there~ Thanks for letting me know! I think usually it shouldn't be too much error screen. Please let me know where you find them so I can fix them, and you wouldn't need to use a new save!

For now, purity can only be lowered with losing to mimics, and it cannot restore. But in the future, there'll be more options to lower/increase purity.

how do i access the new area?

it'll be there when you accept uffe's quest :3

(1 edit)

I accepted it in the last update and the cavern isn’t anywhere on the map in this update

You'll be able to access the split trails, which will lead to a path to the cavern


Same problem 

Cant find any new way even after talking to Uffe and get errors when going in to first dungeon. After ignoring errors there are no grafics beside floor tiles.

can I see the error? It worked fine on my save but I'm not sure.

there isnt any new area for me after talking to uffe idk if the new stuff got added or smth

Hmm... are you on public or patreon update? The new area is only in v0.0.9 (Patreon Update)