[P] Scarecrow Update v0.0.8/ [R] v0.0.7

Hey Hey Hey! Another Update for the month!

Spoiler Warning!

New Enemy:

- Scarecrow: The Protector of the farm

- Landshark: The Intruder of the farm

New CG:

- Werewolf Lose - Lose to the werewolf in the dark forest

New Tasks:

- Dangerous Ground: Talk to Amble about the landsharks in the farm

And Other Updates:

- Map Guide: Added Guide to Map system for information about Items/Enemy/Drop in an area.

- Quest Progress: Progress in the quests to receive a little hint of next thing to do.

- Rahim Update: Updated Rahim's Sprite for coolness and handsomeness

- Goat Tribe Training: Battle with Goat Huntsman in the training ground

- v0.0.8a: Fixed Major Werewolf Battle Bugs

- v0.0.8b: Reduced Game File Size from ~500mb to ~120mb. Fixed other minor bugs and typo.

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I am not receiving any progress for defeating landsharks on Amble's task :(

Also in the journal when the second active quest is selected (atm it's 'rabid wolf' but has happened with others) all of the onscreen text shifts upward. Looks like its because all of the progress steps from all other quests show up on this quest.

Hey! Are you playing on v0.0.9? I'll try fixing the quest thingy and the landshark thing

How do we pass the first pezzul of the werwolf den please

The quests go off screen when there is too many. What do i do

hmm you should be able to scroll down with the bar on the right


theres a bug where if you run from a werewolf it send you to a maze thing but you cant see your character not move around and the screen is slightly moved to the right and it if you lose to the werewolf it gives you an error message

theres a lot of error messages with that and with the minotaur blue part of the puzzle if you reset it, it doubles the statues and lets you auto win (i wasnt complaining with it but i just thought u should know)

and when you get too many quests and tasks they end up going off screen so i cant tell what im supposed to do

Try updating the game, sorry for late reply! You should be able to scroll down with the bar on the right

Hiw do i use the scythe to make the rosemary to barley for the ales for sales task. I have both but don't know how to make it turn to barley. Thank u in advance love the game 

You make the scythe so you can harvest the barley at the farmland! Rosemary is another plant located in the alchemist's hut~

Lol thank u so much

Also farmland.... i cant find it on my map where is it lol

When will the new version be available for download


they'll be here next update (mid-late October?)

Can't find Rosemary

should be around the alchemist's hut, you can check the items in the map, it'll make it much easier~

I think there's a bug with fight goatsman when first spying their tribe. I can't make damage nor seduce them. NO matter what I choose I got dmg and lose.

Ahhh fixed~ sorry about that

When encountering landshark error incurred. And skill alluring lust did not exist in the book.

try downloading the newest patch! I removed landshark from this update.

Also, try going to sebas' shop, it'll refresh your skill state