[P] Skill Update v0.0.6d

Skill System is Updated for the Patrons

- 2 Extra New Skills to be learned from Amble and Jog! (You'll have to redo their quest though)

- Equip 3 Learned Skills to be used during battles!

That's it, they're supposed to be included in the main update but time management is my bane.

For patrons, the link is already updated!

If you want to get this update early, consider supporting me on patreon!

- https://www.patreon.com/OutlandWanderer

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very cool! sadly the games buggy.. the dummy had 300 health and i can only do a tiny bit?


You need to progress more in the game. Around level 8 you will be able to defeat the dummy using only self healing and attack. Be sure to put all your points in strength. At least this has worked for me all the time.