Cool Update v0.0.2

Hey here's another small Update, I've improved on a few stuff before I wish to advance on the plot a little bit:

My Patreon is Up now: (Actually not up yet because they're checking the page~)

- You can get early access of the next update as soon as they are available!

- The page link will be here once the patreon dude actually reviewed my page lol

New CG Scene:

Goat Win: Unlocked after winning against Goat for the 2nd time

(Thank you so much Nyarlothotep for writing the Script for this scene!!

He does writing commissions~ check his twitter for more detail! )

New Character and Quest:

Haskell: The Potion Maker

Other Stuff:

- Encounter Sebas and Ole in the Tavern at Weekend

- New Intro Scene, a lot of handdrawn stuff

- Redesigned Ole, and adjusted Rahim for a bit

- New Lothar/Sebas/Ole's Emote Sprite

- And Other stuff~

Patch v0.0.2d:

- Fixed Bugs

- Added French Translation


- Added Portuguese Translation


outland-wanderer-android.apk 283 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jul 05, 2022 301 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jul 05, 2022 265 MB
Version 0.0.2 Jul 05, 2022

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