French Translation

Hey Everyone,

French Translation of the game is released! Along with a few bug fixes~

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of Sannom! Twitter Discord

The Default Language is English, you can find the translation through language settings in the preference.

Due to compatibility issue with translation in general, you might need to make a new game in future versions. :x.

Other Translations will be out as well in the future! (Another Update is coming next week, I'll need to revamp and polish the whole experience of the game, so it'll be really big! Thank you so much for the patience.)


outland-wanderer-android.apk 283 MB
Version 1.0.8 Jun 10, 2022 301 MB
Version 1.0.8 Jun 10, 2022 265 MB
Version 1.0.8 Jun 10, 2022

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Merci pour la traduction ^^

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i wasn't expecting a french translation at all. I wont use it even though i'm french but it's pretty cool news. 

I understand :3 Hope you enjoy the game though~

dont worry I do UwU.