Tiny Update v1.0.3

Another Update to fix some bugs v1.0.3:

- New CG scene: Slime Defeat

- All places have day/night versions now

- Bug fixes :D


outland.wanderer-release.apk 220 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 26, 2022
outland-wanderer-osx.zip 203 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 26, 2022
outland-wanderer-win-linux.zip 238 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 26, 2022

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Hmm... I'm going now to the game to be defeated by a slime to see this CG scene OwO



Heh... if it weren't for the loss of gold, I would think our hero would be grateful to lose more often.  After all, the rush of winning a combat likely doesn't compare to the experience of losing. :D


Well there's always another rush from losing a combat :p