Devlog: MC Redesign Progress Part 2

Hello, again.

For the past week while I was recovering from my neck thing. I actually have been writing the devlog for a while. Apparently I didn't save while my laptop shut down. So uh... I have to write everything all over again, and I may have forgotten some details. 

So, about the 3 designs for Tenki from last devlog. I think the objective here is to cover all the general preference from everyone, so, design 1 is closer to the original design, with the difference that he now has a snout and his chin is noticeably more defined. The second one, is an alternate draft for design 1. Adding in hair, while the horn seems a little different. The third one is a more matured look for Tenki. He's a little more smug, generally a gruff look with beard. For the three design, I have been aiming for more of a (top) (dominant) route for Tenki that'd make sense. After all, the game is made for all preferences, in the "furry" "bara" genre. I think the original design comes off as too cute, while I'd love a cute protagonist, I think the cute style didn't match as closely as other masculine characters. I think with the 3 designs, it came with a spectrum of aesthetic choices that doesn't only stem from a specific feature, but also the vibe the look gives off.So, after asking you guys from a few different platforms, I've set up two coloured draft. One more resembling of the design 3 above. Another resembling design 1.

The pose is pretty similar to the original design, there isn't much changed except for the head and the chest hair. Just to give him more of a fluffy look. I did another poll for this, and the result was much more dividing than the last one. Surprisingly, the first design didn't win in the patreon, but it did win in the discord server. Although I really do respect patron's opinion, I have to come forward that, I love design 1 much more, there's a few reason as to why I chose design 1 afterall, First is versatility, although, I think he's leaning more towards dominant dude in this design, he still provides a certain cute aspect, design 2, sells on the cute part but I think he might not satisfy the top fantasy, just like how the original design didn't. And I really want to overhaul it, not to make the same mistake. After all the game is made for both top and bottom of the same barrel. Second reason, is the anatomy, which is how I draw, I find drawing hair much easier to center the horn and character in a way that can be pretty precise, and with a large area on design 2, it feels pretty awkward to draw, so I went with the hair, he's so fluffy now. So, I'm sorry to really disappoint anyone who liked the second design. I know, my mind was made when I made the two drafts, I just wanted to see how people reacted to it, but I really wish that I've made the right choice.

Here's his official look:

So here he is, the majestic dragony looking Tenki, I've adjusted with his colour, added a few markings and made his snout bigger. It's pretty fun, to actually draw the design out and feel the difference. Thank you everyone so much for following his development. I know it's been a short time. But I really do hope you're gonna like MC much more now!

For the arrangement with redrawing, I'm looking forward to redraw everyone CG involving Tenki (Which is every CG except for Sebas/Cane), I've already had a few in my hand. But the ultimate goal is, replacing every Old Tenki with New Tenki Look in the next 3-5 patches, in the meantime, the old CG that was not remade yet will remain in the game.

(itch is lagging because I pasted too many pics... and I forgot what I wanted to write because it takes 10 years to write a sentence, so I'm ending the devlog here :p )

I'm also planning for a gallery function for the next update, it'll only include the reworked CGs though.

Here's a few CGs that I'm working on. Just to end the devlog :3 Enjoy!

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Eh. I kinda like beards but he looks more youthful without one. Could maybe do a soul patch but again my preference and the new Tenki looks good.

I honestly am still not getting a dragon vibe because he looks more like a goat... I mean the head and horns are more goaty than dragonic and he has fur instead of scales. He also doesn't have any wings (which aren't nececssarily a dragonic marker but he doesn't have plenty of others either).

I think this is largely because  there are some specific elements which are ingrained into image of dragon.

When I think a dragon I think something more like this:

Even if we go the chinese dragon route which can be depicted with more hair (I guess) I think something more like this:

Fyi: I pasted only links but it embeds the image.

Not that I mind the design, mind you. I really like it. I just sort of fail to see the dragonic elements. He isn't even snorting fire or anything. I guess you could add dragonic wings or more aggressive horns or sharp teeth to emphasis the separation from the goats if you don't want to go the scale route?

I mean if you want to. I'm perfectly happy with him being the protagonist as is even if I probably forget he is a dragon.


I think the sketch handled the cuter styling better than the full example, honestly. Without the hair, the color version looks like he has a really tall head, and it makes his whole face look a bit awkward. In the sketch, the horns were set lower, so that  wasn't a problem.


😍He's Perfect!


Will be miles better without the beard in my opinion, otherwise very good ;)

(1 edit) (+2)

I love this new look than the first one. Maybe add a bit more scale in the body since he's a dragon but overall its a huge upgrade than the previous one.


OOOOOOOOOOMG , he is so cute!!!!!!!!!


Wow! I love the markings, the eye color, the reddish-pink shades, the hair. This looks leagues better than the original design.