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I thought I had been so stupid becuase events weren't triggering and I couldn't get the latest stuff but for some reason it had me playing on an older version (like several updates lol) without making me choose, so thats fun! All good now though, loving the new updates!

ah! was it the itch desktop app? I've heard there's something wrong with the installer :v no very sure what happened though.

It sure is! Yeah I didn't even notice til I saw the second floor of the bar on a pic and checked my files

I downloaded the Windows version and im incapable of opening it. It gives me error and detects a virus. Am i the only one?

you can click on "Run anyway", it's probably the same for many other games!

I believe I've encountered a unique glitch where, for the Pirkka quest, even after completing the quest and getting the certain someone who has the prose to give it back, if you go back to the fields and search you find Pirkka again and have to do that bit all over again and again. And because of this it appears he never goes to the Tavern. Has anyone else encountered this?

Love the game by the way. It's super fun!

hey hey! so sorry about the experience, I'll check out the code a bit :p

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Hi there, how do I unlock  Captured by werewolves scene?

I just dont want to lock myself out of any story bits on my first playthrough

Do I need complete purity to unlock scenes in this game or does loosing it affect the ending some how I want to make sure I didnt just ness up with a mimic😅

lower purity will unlock the possibility of some bad situations, I can't deny the possibility of it affecting the game's actual endings (The game's not finished yet), but if so there will be ways to refill purity in the future :p

Does anyone know how to access the seb and cane scene? I've been trying to see it but i dont know the exact steps. Much thanks in advance!

you just gotta work in the tavern while Sebas was visiting there! <3

How can I go to the second floor of tavern where Pirkka should appear ? :< I didn't see any arrow in tavern beside "Exit arrow" 

I also can't find a way to get upstairs

is there like a guide? 

I don't know how to find the plum stealer

So, im not really caught up on how to deal with in general. This question doesnt have to do with any game play, but am i even able to update it if i play from my android phone? Im not seeing how and it sucks cuz im really behind on the updates.

you should be able to update with the same file provided, but I can't test it myself because I don't own an android :v

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Ah. No worries. I found it in my files and the rest was easy. Thanks!

Edit: Maybe not lol. Damn. I'll try to figure it out though. Really wanna play the rest of the updates.

There's a bug in the Patreon version where there's no arrow to access the place jog and amble are, for now i just fast travel to the farm and go backwards.

got it! Thank you so much, I'll fix that in the next patch

I found a bug on the previous version , don't know if you've patched it. 

Its at the slime area. I cleared the first area and then went to the branching area first. Then I went to the second slime area and beat the outer two. Then I realise that I had soft locked myself by pushing the barrel to a side. I used the reload button. And when I try to go to the second area again it just shows the map to the wolf forest.  Lost like half an hour of play time lol.


Ah! I see I see, sorry about this! I think there's some weird interaction with that particular area, I'll patch that up next update! <3 sorry for the inconvenience again.

Hello! I recently got into this game and honestly so far I'm loving it, I did have a question though mostly having to do with the NSFW content and the main characters position. 

I don't know if it's intentional, or if I simply happened to get these particular scenes, but the main character seems to react and think about things in a very sub/bottom-oriented way. Now of course there isn't anything wrong with that, I personally much prefer dom/top content simply because that's what I am myself, and so far besides certain post-battle scenes it really seems steered towards bottoms. 

Was this perhaps a result of a previous choice I made that had the main character seeming so bottom-oriented, or is it just how the character is made? If so, is there any possibility in the future that players might be able to set their top/bottom preferences and havw the main character act more like one or the other depending on what we choose? 

I feel like that would seriously improve my experience, thank you!

Hey hey! Thank you so much for your suggestion! The original script was much more bottom-defaulted haha, but I understand that a lot of peeps are into some dom actions too, recently I've changed some dialogues to include more of a dom/top-oriented options, and some call-backs of mc's preference, there will also be more choices/cgs in plans that could affect how the relationship with characters goes depending which side you'd go. But still, mc's personality wouldn't change too drastically because of this, so I aim that most of the dialogues would default into an ambiguous state, while in some situations, mc will be "pure bottom" or "pure top" because of plot convenience.  

But ye, I do plan to add more dom/top content later on :p

help </3 Why doesn't my pirkka appear? 

I have a question: why is the new event of version 0.0.19 so short? Or did Rahim and Furkan just talk to each other and that was it?

hey hey! Pirkka only appears in the tavern 50% of the days, so you gotta catch him while he's here~ (even though there's not many interaction with him yet.)

Also, the v0.0.19 are mostly spent on introducing a new enemy and updating/drawing new CGs, which took most of the time there, the Rahim talk will be a lead-up to quite a long quest later on though~ :p

I did what you said but I still don't see Pirkka anywhere :((

Nooooo! Tho, have you completed his introduction quest yet?

Yes! I've been completing his quest since he first appeared. I also tried going back to the place where I first met him to check, but after pressing the explore button for a while, I only saw Gnolls appear.

Deleted 39 days ago

These should just be probability, you'll probably meet them once you enter enough, assuming that you've completed the prerequisite quests! The Dark Forest quest is not completed though, so please be aware!

Which is the oldest Save-Version I can use to continue - or do I need to restart all over again?


Usually each version has some changes that would be fine if you follow every patch, but might be troublesome if you jump from a few patches. There's a debugging screen in the bedroom that could help with using an old save, I hope it covers most of the problems.

How do i defeat the golem? I manage to always die

I am trying to get to the goat tribe but nothing is happening when i have spoken to the people in the village about them.

if you have spoken to everyone about them, and after a certain quest in the river, Lothar should be able to give you another quest related to the goats!


Can you guys help me. I'm stuck after finishing the feral wolf quest. Wuldon keep telling me to wait for vurro to recover even after 20 days

How do I trigger the new uninvited visitor event?

You can visit Rahim once all prerequisite of the stories are finished, it's just a snippet of a story-related quest.

I can't do the riddles :(  

 Idk what items am I suppose to put. Love the game by the way.


Iron Ore, Feather, Beer, Bell, and a specific plant only found within the Goat Tribe, it says in the description that werewolves hate it, once that's done you should be able to see the amulet.

how to get through this hole I need some help ;-;

And how to done this quest?and where can I find Vurro? 


You are meant to save the feral Werewolf, you can't enter the cave from that entrance anymore once the fight is over, if its the start you need high agility, and to find Wuldon again, you need to save the Feral Werewolf and go into the wheat fields, try a few times, it won't instantly spawn, then the river, and finally his house. The Split Trail is just the section of the werewolf forest dungeon that can go into two different directions, try to find every path and you will find it eventually.

Where the Feral Werewolf at? I don't know;-;


When completing the main story for the leader of the werewolves, Uffe, he will ask you to travel to a cave to kill a specific Boss Monster, this is the Feral Werewolf. The main leader is the brown Werewolf who gives you the quests.

hey, well i would like to thank you very much, i'm brazilian, i loved this game every second of gameplay and i want a lot more content from it because i think it's the best game i've ever played on, however many times i had to switch to English to understand (because of the empty boxes for not having translated) I loved it, don't be in a hurry with your work, because it's wonderful, have a great day (sorry if my English is wrong, I still don't fully master the language haha !)

Hey hey! Thank you so much! <3 I'm very excited to share the game with your people also :3 Sorry if there are some blank sentences that's yet to be translated later into the game, but I do hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day too!

Hi!  How imma gonna do catch the Rat bandit? 

There's a specific place in the wheat fields that can spawn in apples, just keep searching and you will find it eventually, once there you will keep searching the area and the rat bandit will appear.

The rat keeps throwing dirt  at me 😭

Hi ! At what point in the game is the French translation updated?

I'm so sorry, the french translation is currently on hiatus, I'm not sure when it'll be updated!

Ah too bad then. thank you for answering me.

Do you need french translators? If so I'd be willing to help.

update ?

So sorry! It's getting a little delayed because of very important family issues, and also I got covid last month :v

New update will come out either today or tomorrow!

I'm so glad to meet the amazing game,and just in two days i have been succeeded in finishing the main plots.Looking forward to the following updates<3

Ay, Thank you so much for your kind words! I'll of course continue with more cool updates soon! <3

what does crystal gem do

It's currently useful in upgrading potions, they could be crafting materials later on also.

How can I exit the store?

There is a problem With Wisest of the Pack I have the amulet but I can't go see Uffe to finish the quest 

Which items I need to get the amulet?


Look at my post below

Hey there! you might need to go check out the debug section in the bedroom~

Okay thank you very much 

Dose this on 0.18 or 0.19?

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does anybody has a guide? i am having a hard time to complete some quests ;(


What quests

How do you go upstairs/gamble in the tavern?

how do i exit the store???


help, im stuck with ths shit. Its been 3 days since i want to complete it :((


Use the rock in the beginning to place the statue there, then it's possible to get it all the way to the pedestal.

im soo sorry why is this so funny to me LMFAOFAOFO, bcs there is a guide and idk why you didnt give up after 3 DAYS, no disrespect tho i just found it funny as hell xd

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