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may i ask where the authur is? i can't find the farmer in map

Hello, i need help with starting the mision when You meet Wuldon, Is there any desicion that blocks this quest?

How to use item" buggbears savila"? 

The Chinese translation is incomplete. I really want to continue playing, but I can't understand the following story (T_T). I am very sad

This comment uses a translator. 

Sorry, I'm having some problems, rahim's "reconciliation" task can't be completed, I can't find anyone else to ask for advice, and the voting time has passed without anything happening.Is there any way to remedy this?grateful

Hello, sorry to bother but I can't figure how to fix a bug it's about the outfit quest Rahim gives I'm stuck at the second outfit and I'm not sure since I'm at day 150+ but the quest started at day 40 and i've been stuck since after i completed the first outfit and wore the second outfit I didn't have the option to ask their opinion and therefore I can't complete the quest I asked lothar sebas jog amble Cain and ole the outfit is the tavern pants I think

Hey! Hopefully you haven't encountered a bug, there are two outfit that needs to be worn for the choices to appear, headwear and clothes, please do let me know if it still doesn't work!

I don't know if I wore the right thing but I'm still stuck in the second quest of new outfit's the second one I wore the tavern chaps alone but no choice appears and when I wore the apron with it, it appeared but when I press the button it says "As your about to ask, you realize your not putting on the right clothes to judge" i also wore the bandana 


What is the password to get all scenes

Hey guys to unlock the bandit bad ending do I need to get caught while using "escape with agility" or is "surrender" ok?

You need to surrender 

I keep escaping cause I invested in agility any ways of reducing it?

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no sorry but there but when you do get caught you have two options surrender and escape with agility but if it doesn't appear just surrender to the bandit that you need to pay the toll to


Uh, I have a big problem in the Android ver that I have no idea if it's my bad ass phone or it's the game that it crash and then closes by itself

please tell me it's from the app and not because of my cellphone 

I think it's your phone since i have it on 2 android devices and they work completely fine

due to game error... when it appears... just ignore it

Hi! can anyone help me on Jog's vote Quest Former Acquaintance, how do i trigger to follow sebas at night meeting?


May i ask, Is there any kind of guide in this?

If so, May i have it tysm <3

Thanks for commenting! There should be an unofficial guide on the page above!

Hello! I'm so lost at unlocking Sebas and Cane scene in the tavern. I've been repeating the same process over and over again and I still didn't figure out for so long that I became so frustrated so much. Can you help me unlock that scene pls?

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I have accidently unlock that scene back then when I was serving at the tavern too much but now it so frustrating to figure it out myself right now. Is there any possible way  or is there actually an exact time at the exact day of the week that needs to unlock that scene? Pls respond

Ao recomeçar o jogo na vo.23 vi que está com vários bugs

primeiro no boneco de treino de Lothar que da golpes infinitos se não é derrubado no primeiro golpe mas contornei isso com golpe nucleo em sequência porém também floresta negra a caminho Lobisomem selvagem alguns Lobisomem estáticos quando derrotados te deixam fora dela,no país dos slimes certos slimes bugados não te deixam ir a onde precisa e também se teleportam para outros lugares e no esconderijo dos bandidos alguns deles agem da mesma forma estranha.

This comment uses translation software

I would like to ask if there are any conditions for triggering this CG of - Cane's Favour: Cane elaborates on what he means with the curious server... (2 Unique Images)

I may have missed it accidentally because the Chinese translation was not completed.

I'm not able to play the card game and access Pirkka in the tavern, I'm not sure if this is due to a bug or if I missed their triggers, I've already completed his intro quest

it should be unlocked after completing 2-3 of his beer task, and working in the private rooms.

The Card Game and Pirkka should be able to be accessed on the upper floor, it is also unlocked after completing Cane's beer task!

Hey, what happens if you lose all purity? 

Currently nothing happens but I do plan for there to be a "consequence" eventually like what low purity does to certain scenes!

neat! cant wait to see what ya cook up :3

Help since the update for wolf war where vurro and player where sparing there some problem it always show the error screen saying vurro_battle_loop missing whenever u spar with vurro and some new ability has a erro message too 

are you on 0.0.22 or 0.0.23? The bug should be fixed on 0.0.23!

Within the Itch client for Linux, the Linux download saves a compressed archive of the game rather than a decompressed version, which means that the game has to be manually decompressed before it's played (and can't be selected to play directly from the Itch client because of that).

There might be a setting on the project settings page to tell the Itch client that it should decompress the archive once it's been downloaded.

Ah sorry! It was not tested on Linux so we might have missed that, we will fix it next patch!


I like the new design of Rahim it's great and beautiful

Is there some way to improve the speed of opening the Inventory, or is that just a device issue/Android issue that can't be avoided? Otherwise, no other technical complaints, excited for the next patch!

I will try to improve upon the performance by downscaling some large images in the next patch! Hopefully it will fix the issue!


Hey I'm a little lost what items do I need in order to solve the werewolf puzzle. P.S also love the game :D

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Spoiler Warning!

If you're talking about the Pillars:

Beer, Horehound, Feather, Pocket Bell, and Iron Ingot (in that order from left to right)

Beer - you can buy from the tavern

Horehound - found in the goat tribe, explore there

Feather - found in waterfall, explore there

Pocket Bell - defeating Goat Huntsman in Ancient Tree, explore there until you get an encounter or during the time they're training in the Goat Tribe and asking the one goat training there to fight you.

Iron Ingot - Found by defeating Werewolves in the Dark Forest, explore there

The Portuguese language still has a problem, will there be a way to fix it?

While playing, upon equipping the Eversprout, I lost 15 Lust Capacity, which isn't what the description says, so I think the Eversprout has the Devil Snare's effect

Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it next patch!

So I can't complete the spar w/ Vurro. The fight will initiate, but after I use my first turn, I get this error message

"I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

ScriptError: could not find label 'vurro_battle_loop'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "battle06.rpyc", line 663, in script

  File "renpy/", line 1992, in execute

    rv =

  File "renpy/", line 1013, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'vurro_battle_loop'.

Windows-10-10.0.19041 AMD64


Outland Wanderer 0.0.23

Tue Feb 27 15:45:47 2024"

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Maybe creating a new save? 

sorry! The bug is fixed now!

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How can I put the stones in the crate on my android 

Are there cheat codes

How do I find all the scenes? I played until recently. 

I need help I'm on the plum for the troubled mission, once I managed to get to the shark but when I tried again and I can't follow him anymore, I tried to complete the mission and I couldn't, can you help me with that

you might need to power through the thief with more agility, can use an agility potion or armor to boost it a little!

aaaah, thanks for helping me!


So, how do you get the recipe for the agility potion?

you might need to find haskell and do enough of his tasks :p 

oh, thanks again 

dummy is broken when I get close to attack it keeps hitting me without stopping and I can't do anything I'm on version 23 and the game still has a lot of lagging, i am on android

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It should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know! And I'll take a look at the android lag situation :p

I need help to finish the plum for the trouble quest. I already met the bandit boss by becoming their fake new bandit and now everytime i want to catch the plum bandit it's all ended the same as he escaped after I try to chase him (the only choice i had after met the shark).

You may wear some more agi armors or get an accuracy potion :p 


I need help to find the plains and the snow parts, tried to explore the florest but no results (also, how do i get in vurro's route? it's the one that we save him? or is there a romantic one?)


about the puzzle, I don't want to spoil the answer right away, but you can scroll down the page and take a look at W3r3 W0lf 's comment. Also, the dark forest quest is not completed yet, it will be completed when the werewolf questline is finished.

关于这个难题,我不想立即破坏答案,但您可以向下滚动页面并查看 W3r3 W0lf 的评论。

On line 425 of the main_werewolf.rpy file it currently reads:

if quest41.status == 2 and quest41.start_date > and 7 < timenow.hour < 11:

shouldn't it be:

if quest41.status == 2 and quest41.start_date < and 7 < timenow.hour < 11:

(Only change is the direction of the first '>')

quest41.start_date shouldn't be greater than, which is currently required to progress the Wuldon Raid storyline.

Oh shit! I thought I could trigger the quest when I tested it, so sorry about this and thanks for letting me know!! :0 I'll fix asap


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Hi, I am experiencing significant slowdowns when switching images, I know it's not with my PC so any other ideas of why its happening?

To add more, I also experience these types of slowdowns when using the inventory, map and journal, particularly when opening and closing.

who can u tell me in 8:00 in the morning where to meet Wuldon and Vurro ? help me pls,  thx 🙏🏻

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Pretty sure it's at Slumberous Well. 

Edit: I think there's currently a bug preventing it from starting, but I'm confident it is the location.

oh ok , thx

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