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How can I obtain green dye?


Ask Ole :3 He'll just give you the green dye~

Is the goat tribe locked off after arguing with Lothar?


It is locked for now~ another path will be updated in the future~

Uhh.. After updating to public 0.3 my Name changed to "Goat" for some reason??

And also missing image. 

Yeah i see that tooo And in Dungeon Too when in 2nd you try to go in The cave and then you Cant Move

And about the Bag just click your MC so the Bag will Comeback


Hey! Sorry your name might have been changed way before when you meet lothar since the variables got overlapped. Also, I changed the name of the item, so if you consume those meat and get some new meat from buggbear it should be alright.

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can i ask some Help in dungeon. the second time, you go in the Dungeon it breaks and you cant move i restart the Game and its still Same again i restart it and i still cant move 

Yeah, bro is fixing it rn

Ohh Really Thanks😄😄


Hey, I'm so sorry about this... but I can't fix this in v0.0.3 because my file got corrupted.

However, the bug has been fixed in v0.0.4~


Ohh Thats Okay hmm how Can i play If i cant Move inside in Cave Hmm

So Many Change In this Update in Day 5 We suppose to go in River or Lake to Get something Like Golem Heart like that but i didnt Encounter that why and the MC suppose to work In Cane Tavern but i cant see it 


- You will encounter the golem during river quest regardless of your choice.

- MC can work in Tavern after talking to Lothar at night.

really but i didnt see it hmm 

How do i get to the dungeon in sparkling lagoon?


it is quest specific so you have to get to the goat tribe quest first!

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How do i get that 

Nvm i found it. also, on Anroid, if you enter the dungeon for the second time, it breaks and you cant move, there is also an error pop up if you loose or interact with the slime water too much


Thank you so much for letting me know~ I'll fix it asap~

Great!May i ask if it’s possible to add Chinese translation to the game?😘


Chinese Translation is actually working in process by another translator, hopefully it'll be available soon~


yey new Update i need Some Guild Huhu please Help me??


Would we be able to choose to bottom if we win, or not lose our money if we surrender after making the enemy horny enough in a future update 😅


I think if enough people want~ You can choose to power bottom the enemy~ :0
but generally you gotta lose your gold when you lose regardless~ :p

Oh? Is it only certain enemies I can power bottom for, or did I miss something with the Goat Tribesman 🤔

no, I'll make more similar encounter in the future instead

where can i report a text error in the portuguese translation???

You can do it here~ or head over to the discord server! :3

I took some pictures to show you can I?

Sure Sure~ I can let translator know~ You can also contact the portuguese translator through twitter~ or discord~

How do I find the Alcamists cabin

what do i do after the quest of the portions i have already completed?

That's the end of the public version

Great game, I love it so far, I'm playing the android version, I was wondering if you guys could add a hide button to get a clear view of the special cgs, or add a gallery on the main menu, btw thanks for bring us tbis game, love the artstlyle of the backgrounds and the characters too 

Thank you so much!! Hide button will be available next update~

Great game so far! But I'm just wondering how I can obtain the Cashmere item?


You have to defeat the Goat Huntsman to get it

How do I get to the alcamist cabin

So far I've enjoyed this game, and binged its current content, 10/10, but please add a "Hide" button to hide the GUI.


gotcha!! Thanks for playing this game!!

I finished oles quest at the beginning of the game how do I get out of the village

hmm... you should find the arrows on the map~

I don't see any arrows on the map

if you explore enough~ you will eventually unlock other area~

I can't get farther than the lagoon


Never mind I found it

I just finished the potion quest is there any other quests or am i missing somthing help

This is the last quest of the public build~

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I noticed the new cover art. It looks cleaner overall, but the MC's head looks strangely small compared to the rest of the body, and Ole's redesign appears to be only in the cover art and not in game? Or is it in the Patreon version?

Ole's redesign is in the public v0.0.2 version :3 but oh well I can see MC's heads smaller haha, I'll fix that right away

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Ohh, I see what happened. I didn't notice that the version numbers changed from 1.x.x to 0.x.x. So I was actually playing 1.0.2, which is older than 0.0.2. I am used to the last version listed being the newest, but it's actually numerical and not chronological.

I'll go ahead and uninstall then re-install, so I don't get confused by the multiple versions I have installed :P

oh I'm sorry for the confusion~ I guess 1.0.x should be prototype (I didn't know about the tradition of naming patches 0.0.x instead) so now 0.0.x patches would be more consistent in release schedule~ 

Got that error when doing the 30 potion quest

I think I fixed that in the early access patch but forgot to fix it for the public one :c The fixed one is up now

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/main_lusterfield01.rpy", line 2488, in <module>

NameError: name 'greenointment_item' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/main_lusterfield01.rpyc", line 2488, in script

  File "renpy/", line 928, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "renpy/", line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/main_lusterfield01.rpy", line 2488, in <module>

NameError: name 'greenointment_item' is not defined



Outland Wanderer 0.0.2

30 potions quest

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Thank you so much for reporting the bug~ It'll be fixed in this patch~

I finished all the quests but ole says i still have to finish them

there's 3 quests you need to finish, lothar, sebas and rahim. You can also check out the Journal on the bar on your right to see if there's anything you missed

I have finished them all

Depois que eu entrego as 30 poços, aonde eu faço a pomada?


how do I get the slime lose scene? I've been trying but it always skips for some reason

hmm it shouldn't skip... are you sure you're playing the newest version?

yep, Just downloaded last night

(1 edit)

if you lost to it at least twice, it should ask you if you wish to replay the scene, I think... at least my code seems alright to me :3

I already lost about five times, but I'll try again haha


Really enjoying this so far!


ahhhh thanks!!

Deleted 1 year ago

0.0.3 will go public in August 1st :3

Ohhh New Update

Does anyone know where hemp can be found?

exüöpre the area outside the hut!


How do I make a loincloth for rahim

use the crafting station(sewing machine) at Rahim's house~ but there's no loincloth to be c rafted now

do you remove it??? Or just need to unlock the recipe??

there's no loincloth recipe in the game for now

What am I supposed to do to finish my training for ole at the beginning of the game

you need to finish the quest given by other villagers~ then go back to ole to finish his training~

I finished them all but ole still says I have to finish them

Will this VN/game have romance routes at some point?


Sure! <3 I want to keep the beginning of the game kinda open so the route thing will come much later on~


That's good to know.

why do the sex scene happens when I defeat the Goat Huntsman by attacking him? Shouldn't that only happen if I get his lust to the max? If thats not the case at least give an option asking if the player wants to do it or not

I dont really want to go around fucking my opponents, :/  specially every single time I defeat them.

Also on mobile (at least in my phone model, a Samsung Galaxy A12), the date and hour gets cut off on the top of the screen

Forgot to mention, it is really weird that it is happening every time now, because the first time I defeated him, it didnt happen, 

(1 edit)

got it!! Sorry for the troubles~ its intended to be an option. will fix them by the next patch :3

can somebody please help me with this? i don't know how to find the goats, and i've been stuck on this part for so long i don't know how to get back to furkan either

After the Quest with the letter, Furkan will be gone and you can meet the goats right there :3

For now you won't see Furkan until much later~

How do you get the loin cloth for Rahim

is there a way to get flax in this game it's for a quest, does anyone know where to get flax??


by the sparkling lagoon~

Can i ask About the Guide

Hey, sorry~ there's no guide in the moment~ if you want you can ask questions in the discord server!! People would be glad to help you!! :3


I Join in your discord

May i ask if there are guide's about this game?

There are no guide at the moment as the content is limited now. But there'll be a guide in the future for sure.

Oh ok😄

Turning in the 30 Strength Potions to Ole gives me an error screen

Hey~ I've fixed the bugs in the new patch~

too much bugs i can not access inventory or fight the golem

Have you tried restarting a new game :c saves from 1.0,8 or earlier won't work because I changed something fundamental~


It a really nice game and story it hilarious that character made break forth wall joke and this the thing that different between ToS and this game coz this game is kinda chill, cute story and cg it would be more good if you update the hide textbox button for android (I'm kinda guy who like to capture the game cg) I love your game 💖💖


Haha thank you so much!! I'll add a hide textbox button next patch!

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