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Does anyone know where hemp can be found?

exüöpre the area outside the hut!


How do I make a loincloth for rahim

use the crafting station(sewing machine) at Rahim's house~ but there's no loincloth to be c rafted now

do you remove it??? Or just need to unlock the recipe??

there's no loincloth recipe in the game for now

What am I supposed to do to finish my training for ole at the beginning of the game

you need to finish the quest given by other villagers~ then go back to ole to finish his training~

I finished them all but ole still says I have to finish them

Will this VN/game have romance routes at some point?


Sure! <3 I want to keep the beginning of the game kinda open so the route thing will come much later on~


That's good to know.

why do the sex scene happens when I defeat the Goat Huntsman by attacking him? Shouldn't that only happen if I get his lust to the max? If thats not the case at least give an option asking if the player wants to do it or not

I dont really want to go around fucking my opponents, :/  specially every single time I defeat them.

Also on mobile (at least in my phone model, a Samsung Galaxy A12), the date and hour gets cut off on the top of the screen

Forgot to mention, it is really weird that it is happening every time now, because the first time I defeated him, it didnt happen, 

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got it!! Sorry for the troubles~ its intended to be an option. will fix them by the next patch :3

can somebody please help me with this? i don't know how to find the goats, and i've been stuck on this part for so long i don't know how to get back to furkan either

After the Quest with the letter, Furkan will be gone and you can meet the goats right there :3

For now you won't see Furkan until much later~

How do you get the loin cloth for Rahim

is there a way to get flax in this game it's for a quest, does anyone know where to get flax??


by the sparkling lagoon~

Can i ask About the Guide

Hey, sorry~ there's no guide in the moment~ if you want you can ask questions in the discord server!! People would be glad to help you!! :3


I Join in your discord

May i ask if there are guide's about this game?

There are no guide at the moment as the content is limited now. But there'll be a guide in the future for sure.

Oh ok😄

Turning in the 30 Strength Potions to Ole gives me an error screen

Hey~ I've fixed the bugs in the new patch~

too much bugs i can not access inventory or fight the golem

Have you tried restarting a new game :c saves from 1.0,8 or earlier won't work because I changed something fundamental~


It a really nice game and story it hilarious that character made break forth wall joke and this the thing that different between ToS and this game coz this game is kinda chill, cute story and cg it would be more good if you update the hide textbox button for android (I'm kinda guy who like to capture the game cg) I love your game 💖💖


Haha thank you so much!! I'll add a hide textbox button next patch!

in the new update, im not sure why but when I try to access my inventory or buy health pots from seb it gives a error screen(the rollback/ignore one)

Hmm if you are from 1.0.8 or earlier you might need to make a new game~ :c


This gives me tavern of spear vibes

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Really don't know why everyone keeps saying that... I'm not seeing it at all, even though the author did say they were inspired by it. What makes this similar to ToS?

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haha maybe it's RPG and visual novel-esque game :p I'm trying my best not to overlap content with ToS but I understand if people feel the vibe is similar~


Well, they both are adult sandbox games with a story (or in the case of ToS, it tries to be but frankly utterly fails in this regard). But there are other games that are more similar to this one in the same genre.

hey~ I think everyone's taste's different~ maybe a lot of people liked ToS and that's why it is the most prominent name in similar genre :3

Is there a way to lower the MC's purity at the moment?

Also, I'm really enjoying the game! Please keep up the great work!

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not yet :3 but it will be soon with the upcoming dungeon stuff!

Alrighty! Thanks!

i cant find cashmere, can anybody tell me where i can get it

It is a monster drop from goats, they'll appear after your quest with Furkan :3

Im stuck i cant find the soft fabric you need o get the apron patched up? Help

You need to craft it first :3

how do i get cashmere - where

After Furkan's quest, the goat will appear in the same place, fight them and you'll win a cashmere :3

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In version 0.0.1, I just find out something interesting. You can be a beer wheeler-dealer! The buying price is 15 at the bar but the selling price is 16 at the shop.

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A minor error:

Explore the mossy river and the bugbear outpost at night will show the day picture of  them.

KeyError: u'enemy_lust_damage'

It seems you havn't "define enemy_lust_damage" for goat, however damage still accepted and can be Ignored, small problem

(2 edits)

You can find the Moss Golem before/later again at mossy freshwater, but defeating it will repeat the main storyline again....

Ohhhhh! Yeah! I've fixed most of the bugs in the current versions :3 (Except the beer price thing :p)

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Huh? I got the impression buying beer was removed. You're still able to do it? I am not able to anymore after the 0.0.1 update.

Maybe fishsticker didn't understand my question when I asked about it before...

(Hey :3 You should be able to order beer anytime. Working as a server will be unlocked after meeting Lothar in the tavern at night.)

I think it still works fine for me?

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While playing in english is fine for me, it's nice to see a French translation available!

Edit: Saw a few typos/translations which could be better, so if there's any way to tell those mistakes I'm all ears!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked the French translation, it is made possible by the hard work of Mister Sannom~ :3

You can check out the Game Discord Server to point out a few typos and bug, or just send me directly through here, or twitter or discord :p

I can do that, but wouldn't it be faster to contact the person who made the French translation? Explaining what is wrong and why it's wrong would be beneficial for his future translations ^^

Oh sure! You can find his twitter or discord somewhere above :p

keep up the great wor

Thank you so much! :3


May I ask something? I'm not sure about the protagonist... Which one we play as? Or we have to imagine ourself in?

I'm still thinking about to try it out, I have to say I'm quiet curious, the thing is I usually wait with new projects to "sit a night" so it will taste better. I mean I tend to wait like half a year, so I can play it more than 10 minutes. (It's just an example. :D)


You're playing as a furry dragon :3, you can give him a name that you play as. Most CG scenes will involve PC.

For now I've still only released the game for less than a month, a lot of stuff has not been matured or polished enough I guess. But I'm really grateful for your comment! So feel free to come back later :3


What do all of the stats effect?

(2 edits)

I'll put a description later in inventory :3

For now, it's five of them:

STR strength affects your health, damage and a little defense

TEN Tenacity affects your defense and lust resistance a lot

AGI Agility affects your dodge chance, accuracy

INT intelligence affects your ability effectiveness, your mp, and little of your lust resistance

CHA charisma affects your flirt effectiveness, and possibly more dialogues with dudes (in the future)

There might be Stat Check... but I'll keep it simple.


PUR Purity has no effect for now, but it might affect a lot of stuff later on. (mainly sexy stuff)


ok. Thanks. I'll start fresh so I can plan accordingly. 

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Hm, have some things have changed in the recent update with regard to Cane's pub? I don't seem to be able to either buy or work there, and Lothar never shows up. I don't know if there's some condition that needs to be met for those, that I just happened to already meet without realizing in the previous version?

Also, found a definite bug: The INT attribute variable is missing.

Yeah they were new stuff :3

And I think I changed int name so it wouldn't conflict with other functions. You might need to make a new game though :x

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umm there is a visual bug with the buggbear during the fight sometimes he duplicate and another one is that when you end the battle against the golem with the struggle status you keep it forever in the next fights also


Ohhh I see! So sorry for the bugs~

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no worry! its not strange to find bugs in a new project, so it doesnt really change my opinion about this, and i really like it for now, i just wanted to let you know so that it can grow even better


When I first saw the main character on the cover, I thought it was a rabbit, but it turned out to be some kind of dragon. Great game, great graphics, thanks to the creators.


Thank you so much! Well, the main character is intended to be a little ambiguous so you can imagine whatever species he is :p

Um, this happened after I defeated the golem and all throughout the dialogues after that


hey so sorry about this~ I've fixed it in the latest patch, the monster shouldn't appear when you go explore for now.

Anyone else having issues with the inventory? Everytime I click on an item it says "An exception occured" and I can't ignore it either so I can't put any armor or weapons on

Hey! Have you tried using a new save? I've rewritten a lot of stuff this update and there's some conflict with old versions~ So sorry about that :c

Yeah I have but it's still messing up :( I'm.on adroid so that might be it

If other people have the same issue I'll do a really thorough check, sorry for the issue :c

The painting style is great but my english is poor

Thank you so much! :3


I found a bug. The shop will let me sell items I've already sold. It'll pop up an error but if you ignore it, it'll still give you the gold for selling the item. 


I really enjoyed the game I thought it was a lot of fun and interesting please keep up the good work but I was wondering after I deliver the letter is there anything else for me to do or is that the end of the demo just so I know I wasn’t sure if there was something else I am supposed to do afterwards 🤔

Hey! Thank you for playing the game :3. The letter part was the last quest available, I'll be updating the game and offering much more content in the future :p

oh ok got it thanks for informing me please keep up the good work then looking forward to playing more when the next build drops!

No problem :3 I just hope there isn't too much bugs for now~


so far I haven’t run into any bugs at least myself so keep up the amazing work if I have any suggestions as well sometime i will definitely suggest some things!

How do I level up? I have over the max/required exp to level up, but I haven't yet. Other than that, amazing and wonderful game so far, love it! ^^ <3 <3

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There should be + buttons near the stats in the inventory screen when you have enough exp :3

So I had over the required exp, like 170/80 was what it said, but turns out, I just needed to defeat a slime to level up, so I think you can't level up defeating the dummy, you just get the exp, more and more exp, but you actually need to defeat a slime or maybe some other monster to level up. Is that intended or just like a glitch thingy? It's fine if it is a glitch or whatever, the game is still incredible ^^ Also is the demo/this part of the game over after the letter was delivered?   


Hmm~ it might be a glitch. I'll need to check the code. So sorry for the inconvenience, I'll fix it by next patch.


I'm really enjoying the game, but I think I found a visual bug I think, like I was at 26 attack and when I went to put 1 point on force my attack went to 17.


Got it~ Probably haven't updated the damage formula on level-up. I'll fix it by next update :3


A little suggestion is to add an animation in the inventory where you could see the dick of the player semi hard at a certain level of lust and fully hard at 100 of lust


Ahhh :3 Got it :p

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Don't flirt to slime as there  is no img2 for slime hhhhh


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/battle.rpy", line 63, in execute

    screen battle_enemy_stat():

  File "game/battle.rpy", line 63, in execute

    screen battle_enemy_stat():

  File "game/battle.rpy", line 93, in execute

    if enemy.lust < enemy.max_lust / 3:

  File "game/battle.rpy", line 96, in execute

    if enemy.img2 != None:

  File "game/battle.rpy", line 96, in <module>

    if enemy.img2 != None:

AttributeError: 'Monster' object has no attribute 'img2'

(1 edit)

And the setting is fuuny as you can keep chopping wood but never kill yourself hhhhhhh

(1 edit)

Quite interesting, I suddenly cannot chop wood when low hp, just a flash and nothing happened. 

And then I try it later, and it happened again, intriguing...


Ahhhh Thanks for checking my bugs :3 I think I set it to not be available when your hp drops to lower than 20 :3 But I guess the code was a little off, I'll check it out later~

And I find out if you buy stuffs when only 2 left, the last one will disappear from the shop.


Haha I'll check with the shop as well :x


Ahhhh.... I see! I forgot to update the sprite :x

(1 edit)

Is this related to tavern of spear in any way?


No it's not, but ToS is a really good game :D


Really liking the game so far. Great job!


Ayyy Thank you! :3 I'll be pushing out more content along the line~

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on android, the game crashes when i say yes to being a bar server by losing cane's bet, is it a bug on my end? i really like the game so far


Auuugh! It was my bad! New update of the game will probably fix it :3


alright, thank you for the fast reply! looking forward to the update


You're on 1.0.3 right :3 I think it's already solved in newer builds~

whaa i am :o i could have sworn i downloaded the latest.. well thank you so much for the help!!


haha no problem :p

when to follow you on twitter but the link leads to a no longer existing user


Ouch! I forgot I changed the handle :3 it's now

Link still dosent work 


Just click the link above :3 I changed my name so the old link won't work.

Can you fuck them or do they fuck you?

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Well I'm planning for both :3 but most of the time you're getting fucked :p

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